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Excited to have you on this journey with us! SOUL CHAT is a brand new show crafted for men and women who love transformative, stimulating, inspiring, and entertaining conversation about current events, mental wellness, spiritual growth and more. We are here to be the bridge between you and your next level of living! We take a holistic approach to betterment. Subscribe to SoulChat with   Jessica Rae via Youtube and let's thrive. Be sure to engage!

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We ask & answer the questions you're thinking but could be reluctant to ask out loud.  Join the conversation!

Your host, Jessica Rae, is a Licensed Clinical Therapist and Minister who has launched this show to offer both professional and spiritual wisdom.  We all need someone to walk with us through this crazy world!

She is more than ready to serve the masses with mental health motivation as well as spiritually sound interventions during each dialogue with expert guest from all over the country. Be sure to follow all of our socials and join the conversation with your insight and life experiences.

Meet Your Host, Jessica Rae

Jessica Rae Bryant is a mother of four, entrepreneur, ordained evangelist, and clinical mental health therapist as well as the Host of SOUL CHAT. She has Bachelors in Psychology & Christian Counseling and Masters in Clinical Mental Health Therapy.

Her heart is to creatively teach wisdom principles and equip this generation with keys to obtaining a better life while empowering them to enjoy the journey. Book a consultation to speak with Jessica Rae today!


I have a desire to see people WHOLE! And that includes you!


Pastor Stephen McCrary discusses "Do It Again" where he inspires the audience to pick up their dream where they dropped it and launch out into the deep.  Our broken dreams get revived spiritually and we also get insight into the psychology of abandoning ones gift. 


Pastor Ron Young inspires us that dry bones can live. He takes us on a journey through dry places full of disappointment, betrayal, and lack into a well watered land of possibility and fruitfulness. At the end, you will be inspired to believe that you can walk through anything and come out victoriously.  


What either aids or stops us short of going for our goals.  We get a chance to understand how childhood and paradigms pay a large role in who we become from a mental health standpoint.  She is the host of the Intentional Woman talk show which can be seen on Roku, Unheard TV.

Our goal at the end of every show is that viewers be changed and charged to action in order to impact their lives and ultimately their world.

If you are reading this, we invite you to take a journey with us as a SOUL CHAT guest, faithful viewer or supporter!