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Below are articles and resources to help you grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.  Read, share and enjoy!

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This one is for the big dreamers.  There is coming a time when your dreams can no longer be confined.  When your dream begins to outrun you… geographical location, zip codes, your past and what others think of you will...

Happy at Last

Happiness has been a hot topic since the dawn of creation.  How to be, get, and stay happy are age old questions that no one really asks out loud, but we constantly ponder.  As kids we dream about our future...

True Love

Every day all over the world at any given moment, someone is wondering if they have found their true love.  They feel the tingles, butterflies, and a whole array of emotions and biological reactions that tell them that at last,...

The Real Iron Man – Becoming A Man of Strength

You ever wonder why you keep messing up or wanting to do something that you know is wrong?  I mean, you really don’t want to do it, but you do it anyway against your better judgement.  Your mind and body...

Inside of Love

Within every man is a woman and inside of every woman lies a man.  I know that may sound new age scary, but it is fact.  I am not talking about biological factors or hormones that both sexes have, but...

They Just Changed-

Have you ever been in a relationship that made you feel like you just ran a 25k marathon and you came in dead last?  Well, this feeling is more common than people think.  Secretly feeling tired and frustrated with the...

Delilah Must Repent – The Seducing Exposed

I love women!  All of us were born unique, beautiful, and gifted!  Whether we are from the United States, China, Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, India, Canada, England, Jamaica, to South Africa and any other nation on the globe; we are lovely. ...

Men & Sex: What’s Their Deal?

The male creature has a distinct and unique sexual set up to say the least. He is magnificent in his function because he unsuspectingly carries life inside him around the clock.  Not only does he carry life, he carries passion,...

The Top 3 Mentalities Men Hate In Women – SHORT STORY

There are things that women do that can cost them a good man. And I mean cost them dearly.  Mr. Right could be right around the corner about to bump into you as you head out of the post office....