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Delilah Must Repent – The Seducing Exposed

I love women! 

All of us were born unique, beautiful, and gifted!  Whether we are from the United States, China, Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, India, Canada, England, Jamaica, to South Africa and any other nation on the globe; we are lovely.  They splash us all over magazines, videos and movies because of the influence we have on society.  There are phenomenal aspects built into every woman that are developed by a nurturing woman in our lives as children.  But there are other not so comely, and blatantly outright destructive characteristics that some women carry.  There is a vixen in the Bible named Delilah who aided in the destruction of a man of God and cut his destiny short.  She was used to trap him, strip him of his gift, and ultimately destroy him.  We have all heard this story, and it continues to repeat itself daily.  A beautiful, persuasive, yet evil hearted woman is a time ticking time bomb. 

Delilah was an exotic woman used by Samson’s enemies to coerce him into telling her the secret to his strength.  Samson was a righteous warrior that fought for the children of Israel and defended the nation.  He was becoming a big problem to the Philistines, and when they saw that one of their own women and Samson had a relationship, they seized the opportunity.  She was to betray Samson in return for silver.  She pressured him every day to give up his secret until one day because of her constant bombardment, he let it all out.  She used her womanly wiles to trap him and while he slept on her lap, she cut off his hair.  His hair, having never been cut, was the secret to his superhero strength given to him as a gift from God!  He lost his strength and ultimately his life!

Samson had some issues of his own that landed him in the bedroom with Delilah, but she was a puppet in the hand of the enemy.  The devil seeks to devour God’s men and he uses their weaknesses to bring them down.  Men absolutely love woman because we were made to complement each other in a healthy productive way.  But a deviant woman will take advantage of the weakness of men to bring him to their knees.  Most of the time, she knows exactly what she is doing.  But there are other times where she is just extra thirsty and the devil uses her.  Delilah’s secrets must be revealed in order to stop this generation of women and the next from being corrupted by this spirit that wants to take down our men.  Once we know her strategy, the good fellow women can stand tall and either deliver her, or put her on the run!  Killing Delilah is also an option, but since we love our woman so much, we will give her a chance to repent…. shall we.

It Starts

Delilah did not just wake up and decide to become a villain.  She was developed into one.  From her youth, she learned and practiced behavior that got her what she wanted.  All she had to do is flash those big beautiful eyes and swing her long glistening hair and the world was at her command.  Somebody did not correct this in her childhood or discipline her in love.  Her heart grew far from good, and she became a cold-blooded, greedy, manipulative master of deception by the time she was an adult.  She delivered Samson to the will of his enemies because of the love of money and her lack of regard for anyone but herself.  She betrayed him even after they had developed a relationship.  Then she used sex to manipulate him and twist him into submission.  All of these behaviors were learned or simply unchecked.  This is why we must pay close attention to the character of our daughters and other young women around us.  Manipulation, greed, perverseness, controlling behavior, the exhibition of promiscuity, being hateful, divisiveness, and craftiness are precursors to a female accident waiting to happen.  You’d better speak up when you see a girl around you going down this road because if she gets too far, she could get to the point of no return. 

Desperately Wicked

Jeremiah 17:9 says “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”  Unless you have a good sense of people or God reveals her to you, you’ll not know who you are dealing with until something happens.  Women with Delilah syndrome study how they can appear as normal as possible so that when they strike, you don’t know what hit you.  They are good at so many things and want to help you so that you will love them and eventually feel like you need them.  Their star has been put out by their wickedness, so they want to come feast on yours.  Beware…this is her goal!  To put out as many stars as possible and move on to her next place of demonic assignment.  She may or may not know that she is a tool, but she works willingly.

Some women fall into the Delilah role by allowing their mind to wonder where it dare not allow it to travel.  They begin to think the unthinkable about someone that should be totally out of their reach.  They admire him, and they are dissatisfied with their own lives or husbands, so they become a candidate for the Delilah position.  This is why the bible says, “Be anxious for nothing…,” because anxiety can snowball into depression, obsession and a host of other issues.  So they unrealistically start imagining themselves taking your place.  After all, you have worked hard to build your relationship with him and get to where you are and you look great together.  The enemy starts working on their mind, showing them that they can be the new Mrs. You!  After much imagination, they unknowingly begin showing their desire for him. Then once they have given into the will of Satan because they never resisted his thoughts, they begin to subtly and willingly make advances toward him which is a test for both of you to find out if you can SEE what she is doing. 

They already have a manipulative, lusty, prideful or cunning spirit so the enemy does not have to work especially hard to prepare them for their assignment.  If the devil cannot find a seasoned, professional Delilah, so he will look for the closest character.  This is why we must never allow the enemy to plant bad character in our sons and daughters because it makes them a target for his use.  Bad seed must be nipped in the bud once noticed, or it can evolve into wickedness and attract a spirit, such as Delilah, Jezebel, Absalom, Judas or any other.  These spirits breaks businesses, corporations, churches, and homes.  They are ultimate destroyers!  

The Hunt

They get in really good with men of great caliber and subtly weave a web around them.  Some men may not be exceedingly great once Delilah sets her eyes on them, but they show a lot of promise and that is what she is after.  Delilah can see and sense greatness, so she will pick her pray and work her craft thoughtfully.  It takes time and constant interaction between her and her target, so she will make sure she is around as much as possible to flash those pearly whites, show some curves and spark conversation coupled with laughter.  Often times, she will have a sob story that she will use to breed a common feeling between she and her prey of choice.  It opens up the door for sympathy and continued dialogue and it gets him emotionally involved which is what is necessary to distract him.  Another distraction is her talent.  She is endowed with gifts that she uses to cause men and women to like her and want her around because she appears to be a helpful.  But the good she does always falls apart in the end and causes more trouble because it is out of an evil heart and sows weeds underneath the fake fruit.  Take a bite and you will see that the fruit is plastic!  

She begins to send sexual vibrations and imaginations like arrows toward her victim which he may or may not begin to dwell on.  It matters not that he has a wife and kids!  She really doesn’t care and will even try to befriend his wife so that she can gain entry to the home.  This gives her more access and causes the Mrs to trust her and never think that she can do any harm.  After all, she did help you clean your nasty kitchen.  She did babysit your kids so that you and your husband can have date night which she recommended.  She was so useful in helping you organize your closet and she sent dinner over the other night.  It was so good!  Wow, she can cook!  She is a heaven sent! She may even be in the choir or a leader at church!!  She is killing you softly!  She offers you the sob story too and you get tangled in the same web she spun for your husband.  You both feel for her, trust and adore her and she feels like part of the family.  She may even be married or have kids, and now your babies are playing together.  She volunteers in the community, helps with the kids soccer team and her children are A+ students! Well, she tells you all of this anyway.  What a connection!!  But all the while, in the midst of everything, there was something slapping you in the back of the head.  You can’t put your finger on it, but something aint’ right.  That slap is a warning from the Holy Spirit, the guardian of your life! Heed it…

The Kill

She will try to get him when he is experiencing a low or high moment and you are not around.  You reluctantly trust her by this time, so you let your guard down a bit.  She may have been planning this for months, but will create a scenario that looks spontaneous.  She has been working on his mind for quite some time, and can see how far she has progressed.  He can’t hide and she has been assessing him with each interaction to see if he is ready to be devoured.  His eyes and body language tell it all.  Delilah has worn him down.  She intentionally will be the last one to leave the office and suddenly she remembers that she has no gas or it’s too late to get a cab.  His wife is out of town this weekend for business and he offers to take her home.  She tries to convince him that her place is too far and that she will can crash on his couch. Her husband is working an overnight double, so her man will never even know she was not home by her usual 6pm.  Delilah’s two kids are with their Nana for the weekend and so are Tom and Julie’s.

 “Your wife won’t mind if I crash in the living room, even though I just spot cleaned those couches two days ago”…they laugh. “Well, Julie is out of town Delilah” he says reluctantly.  “Oh yes, skipped my mind,” she says as she moves to plan B. Of course she knew his wife would be gone because Julie told her. Remember, they are “close.”  “Okay, just take me to my place then.”  As they pull into her driveway, she tells him that she always has her husband escort her in when it’s this late, but he is at work and she doesn’t feel comfortable going in alone.  “Can you come check things out first?” she says with pretend fear in her eyes.  Feeling like “the man” he says, “Sure.”  He has never been over to her place so he complements the cleanliness and the artsy decor.  He looks around the home.  After coming down the dim hallway he says, “Okay, no intruders.”  When he comes back in the kitchen, he almost faints at the sight! Delilah is sitting on the counter majestically in a bra and panties.  The look on her face is otherworldly.   “What do I do?” he wonders.  “She has been sending me subtle signals all this time and now is my opportunity to act on my desire for her.”  He cannot resist and Delilah devours him whole!

 When Julie comes back to town, she can sense something terrible has happened because it’s written all over his face.  “What happened Tom?” she yells in an effort to snap him out of his fake spacy behavior.  Finally, he tells her the entire story as he slumps on the edge of the bed in defeat.  She tries to reach Delilah to curse her out and dash her to pieces with words, but she only gets a voicemail.  She goes to her house and Delilah opens the door without looking through the peep hole to see who was on the other side, “Heeeey girl, how was your trip?” Delilah asks with wide eyes filled with uncertainty as she reaches out for her usual phony hug. “He told me everything you twisted witch”, Julie says.  Someone honks the horn and Julie is distracted.  Delilah slams the door before Julie could turn back around.  Julie leaves the home in shame and tears.  “The damage is already done.  Her children may be home and I don’t want to bring them any pain,” Julie thinks as she gets back in her car. “How could I be so stupid!” She says as she bangs the steering wheel.  “This was going on right in front of me and I brushed it off,” Julie thinks as she drives home while crying a river.  Her mind is racing as she remembers every less than normal feeling she experienced after seeing Delilah.  She also remembers certain questionable body language her husband exhibited whenever Delilah’s name was mentioned.  Delilah never came back to the office.  Mission accomplished.  She is gone and so is Tom’s family!  They tried to work it out for the sake of the children, but the stain would not come out!  The pain is too deep and the regret to immense for both of them. Delilah is on to the next meal!  Her plan for the next guy will include having a kid with him!  The perfect lifetime trap!

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