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Happy at Last

Happiness has been a hot topic since the dawn of creation. 

How to be, get, and stay happy are age old questions that no one really asks out loud, but we constantly ponder.  As kids we dream about our future and think, “One day I’m gonna’ be a mayor,” or “One day I’m gonna’ own my own hair salon.”  As we grow up, our idea of what we will become changes, but we replace our aspirations with something else we think will make us happy.  As kids we also dream about our future spouse and form an idea of how we think they will be.  Girls imagine a big elaborate fairytale wedding as they are whisked away to a happily ever-after storybook life.  Boys may imagine a beautiful woman who loves sports cooking in the kitchen or waiting on him hand and foot.  But as we mature, we begin to imagine character attributes and more realistic expectations of a marriage partner.  We also determine how many kids are necessary to complete a perfect family.  All of these desires are healthy because they help us aspire for good things which keeps us moving forward in life, but what do we do when things do not turn out the way we expected.  Is your happiness in jeopardy?

 I will not lie…It can be kind of difficult to stay happy, period. 

Of course it is much easier to smile, laugh, and enjoy life when you have most of the things you want and your dreams are coming to life.  But what about when you feel you are not on track with your pursuits?  What about when you have been grossly delayed in an endeavor or things are being taken from you left and right?  What about setbacks and family issues?  What about silently suffering because your marriage is in chaos, limbo, or melancholy and you no longer trust or “feel” your spouse?  What about when you are pretending to be happy and it’s “killing” you softly? What about when you are aging and are full of regret. You see everybody else posting all of their happy pictures on Facebook and Instagram while you wonder why that can’t be you. The temptation to fall into depression is real, and that is exactly what happens to people; they fall into depression or unhappiness.  The Bible says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” Proverbs 13:12 (NIV).  It also says in Proverbs 18:14 (NIV), “The human spirit can endure in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?” 

 What do you make your boast in?  Do you have something you do or someone you know that you are proud of?  Are you good looking, smart, industrious, great at sports or anything else? 

Awesome!  Anything that you can name is a gift from God which should not be taken for granted.  When you think of these various things, they make you feel happy right?  These are great additions to your life.  But all of these things can fade away so there has got to be more!!! What can stabilize us at all times?  What is the secret to happiness regardless of what is in or out of our lives?  The answer is so pure and simple…HAVE AN AFFAIR!! I am talking secret dates with the ultimate mate.  We are talking about the one who will take your career to the next level and keep you there. He is an insider…the connection you have been longing for.  Not the kind of affair you are thinking about married people; shame on you!!! We are talking about dates with THE KING of KINGS.  When you feel like every earthly thing is not “doing it for you.”  Slip into the SUPERNATURAL, and meet Him for a coffee.  You wanna’ talk about fulfillment….You can’t beat it.  He will sweep you off your feet and spoil you rotten.  He is a master at listening to you and delivering just what you crave.  You don’t even have to tell him how you feel.  He knows what you are feeling before you say a word.  And don’t worry about messing up because he is always there to pick you up out of whatever gutter you fell in.  The gutter of unhappiness is no match for him, so let’s begin with the logistics of how you are going to have this love affair. 

 First, you have to start by flirting periodically. 

Then start stopping by unannounced and telling them how great they are.  He will then start conversing with you and showing up when you least expect him.  When you give him access to your heart, he will come in with everything he has.  Before, you would have to try to get his attention for a long time before you would feel close to him, but now you can feel him all over you all the time.  You know when he walks in the room, and you can hear his voice unmistakably.  He is your new found lover and he is filling the voids you couldn’t deny.  He is the replacement for the vacuum which has plagued you for far too long.  Finally, your heart will be fulfilled and true happiness, which is actually called JOY will come.  This kind of happiness is not relative to what moves around you, but it actually moves things around you.  It is not reactive, but it is active.  This JOY cannot be taken away by the loss of a job, or the betrayal of a friend.  It does not retreat at the sign of trouble, but increases in intensity at the very thought of your lover.  It wars and stands firm as it fights for you.  It becomes jealous and combative to anything that threatens your peace.  “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee” Isaiah 26:3 (KJV).  The word, “keepeth” is a stance of war.  When you start consciously thinking about him, he will guard you.  He makes himself responsible for your wellbeing.  He becomes jealous over you and will not allow anything to do you harm.  The only thing required to build this kind of love affair is time, attention, and affection.  He knows you better than you know yourself, so it will not take long for him.  It’s you that must become accustomed to his all-consuming presence which is so comforting and inviting.

Give him access to the areas you feel he would never dare look upon.  You will be surprised that there is nothing off limits with him.  Put all of your cards on the table and he will make you a winner as you make him your partner in life.  He comes before your job, spouse, friends, kids, and aspirations.  He gets the first part your day and the last thought.  I am definitely not saying that you will not have to fight to keep your peace or war to keep from breaking down, especially when the “source” of your pain stares at you in the face daily.  What you are doing is simply retaliating with JOY.  The only way you will be able to keep this JOY is by thinking of your lover day and night, reading about him, and talking to him.  Talking about him out loud also brings him on the scene and replaces those negative thoughts and emotions.  Give him absolute control over your heart, and all of the issues. 

Start your AFFAIR today and begin experiencing an eternal relationship that cannot be shaken or taken.  Make room for Jesus, THE LOVER OF YOUR SOUL. 

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