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Inside of Love

Within every man is a woman and inside of every woman lies a man.

I know that may sound new age scary, but it is fact. I am not talking about biological factors or hormones that both sexes have, but an actual entire inanimate being existing within another. Every man was born into this world with a precise destiny that is best for him and all of the people he has an opportunity to touch. Likewise, every woman experiences the same. Just like there is a precise destiny for every human being, there is also a perfect mate for that person. Now, I know some people don’t believe in the perfect match, but there really is one man made perfectly for one woman. People can get along quite well with someone moderately suitable for them, but things just won’t be as they should.

The woman created for him can see between all of the masculinity.

Upon meeting him, she is quickly in tune with his mind, desires, weaknesses, and strengths. She has a desire to see the first encounters through because something is pushing her toward him that she doesn’t understand. Like a magnet, she is drawn to him even though she tries to resist. As they laugh and talk, the conversations are colorful, genuine, emotional, and energized. She feels alive when she is near him and almost craves his presence. There is something she wants to fulfill. Something that is begging to be expressed. Something she must serve…..or someone. She feels at home with him as if she just settled into a new queen-size mattress. She breathes her love in deeply and exhales it into him. He feels it and consumes it all. It totally intoxicates him as he goes out into the world and utilizes it as fuel for his fires of life. He finds himself making waves and fulfilling dreams. He can only blame the new woman he is enraptured with. She is different.

Something in him yearns to be near her always.

He is normally hard and strong, but at the very thought of her, he melts like candle wax. The world is cold and harsh, but with her he is safe. He hides behind the powerful exterior that everyone else knows, but she disarms him. Why? He questions himself constantly. “Because she is different,” he tells himself. How different? She does something to him that no woman has ever done. She changes him and makes him want things. All of the sudden, he wants to be a better man. Not just for himself, or her, but for his community and environment. She makes the picture bigger, clearer and broader. There is now a sense of direction he did not have before. He is the Beginning. She is the End. The Alpha and Omega have met and collided to create eternity. She is it.

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