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Make Him Want You – What to Wear

We all get so excited about going to the mall!

know I do because I want to get those black stiletto boots I have been dreaming about for months. Victoria Secret lotions, push up bras, thongs, and corsets all going in the bag too. But as you are walking through the Galleria, did you ever think about what your man might like to see you in. When we get home, we put everything away and dress tomorrow for another day, but why? A woman should wear what makes her feel awesome because she is.  We should put on things that inspire creativity and give energy to take on the day. But you should also have an ulterior motive as you stand in front of the closet to select your best. Not talkin’ about puttin’ on that shimmery red dress that makes all the other chicks hate you cause’ you turn heads. I am talking about putting on the thing that makes your guys heart skip a beat when you walk in the room. For some men, it may be a jeans and t-shirt combo that melts his heart. For another, it may be a fitted skirt and power blouse. For others, it could be sweats and no make-up. Most of the time, if the guy loves you, he will like you in whatever you put on, but taking note of what he really likes will go a long way in keeping him on his toes.  But how do you know? 

1.He Will Say It

If he always complements you on a certain style of dressing, keep it up.  This obviously is what he prefers. He will look at you and admire you every time because you have painted a masterpiece that cannot be ignored in his eyes.  You have to try a few styles and wearables to know what keeps wooing him.  My husband does not like a certain color of lipstick, so I try not to wear it even though I think it looks great. A small sacrifice well worth the admiration of my biggest fan. 

2.  He Will Show It

He will stare longer!

You will find him looking at you longer and you will probably think you have something on your nose if you are not used to it. But it is all part of putting bait on the hook daily. Facial moisturizer, a little mascara, eye liner, lip balm, and natural blush can go a long way. Hair is also a big factor.  Make sure it shines and is the way he loves it. Try something new and he may love that too!

3.He Will Want It

He will find himself highly attracted to you at these times when you dress in his desired garments. And don’t take them off immediately when you come into the house. Give him time to enjoy admiring you. Sometimes you are tired and you just want to take off those heels and bra and get into those jammies, but if he is around, just sit down and talk for a few minutes. You will be amazed at what it will do. Women tend to relax after marriage because they feel like they “got him now” but you do your relationship a disservice by discontinuing what you did during the dating process. He picked you for a reason. Keep doing everything you did to get him and then some girl! Dress the best for the best! 

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