A man and woman cuddling together in bed.

Men & Sex: What’s Their Deal?

The male creature has a distinct and unique sexual set up to say the least.

He is magnificent in his function because he unsuspectingly carries life inside him around the clock.  Not only does he carry life, he carries passion, lust, desire, and love all in one sexual bundle.  Now we could talk for the next one-thousand years about male sexuality, but this article is dedicated to motive.  What drives the beast?  What awakens his passion at 3am or 3pm?  What creates the need, and desire to explore his sexual prowess?  Here are five secrets every woman should know about men and their beloved sex.

1. Biological Desire

Sex is powerful, beautiful and creative in its purest form.  It is the most naturally intelligent act any being can engage in.  Animals are biologically driven and so are humans partially.  Men have a stronger desire than most woman because they carry the DNA, sperm, semen, and testosterone that creates sexual energy at puberty.  Adolescent boys begin to think about women, and tease girls once this phase hits.  This is all preparation for their future.  God set it all up like this so that slowly he eases the man into his new skin.  Without this drive, there would hardly be any babies, or marriages for that matter.  God said “Be fruitful and multiply.”  We needed somebody to lead the race.  Better them than us! 

2. Totally Mental

We all know men are stimulated by sight.  But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Whatever he deems as a beautiful woman will get his pulse racing.  For some men, it could be the classical cleavage, or swaying curvaceous hips.  It could be a finely sculpted backside, or shapely lengthy legs.  For other men it could be a thin statuesque queen or a plus sized goddess.  The most thoughtful men may get turned on by simply the eyes, smile, neckline, hands, feet or hair of a woman or all of them combined.  Every woman is blessed with features to draw a man right to her.  Many times these features are the jumpstarters to his desire, but there are others such as the voice, laugh, body language or confidence of a woman that lure him.  Believe it or not, men are mostly attracted to the woman that reacts to him in a way that makes them feel like he could do anything.  Whoever brings out the Superman in him lights him up all the way! SHHHHH….It’s not usually the hottest woman that gets the best man….He may make a move on a hot gorgeous woman, he will ditch her if she can’t reach him inside.  The woman that keeps him is the one who stirs up the god in him!

3. Any time, Any place

Men don’t care. 

When that testosterone gets flowing and you are lookin’ dynamite in that dress, he doesn’t care if it’s in the penthouse hotel room or a closet at a party.  Some men will go in for the kill anywhere if you let them.  Others will exercise the patience of a man married for years.  Single women waiting for the right one should avoid being alone with a testosterone driven male at all costs because it’s hard to stop a charging bull especially if you want him as well!  But married people can enjoy the luxury of knowing the limits of their mate and the chase all the way to the bedroom.

4.Victory & Defeat

You ever wonder why you hear of men sleeping with groupies after a sports game, or male singers and musicians after a concert?  When men celebrate high moments of their life, the first thing they reach for is the nearest woman.  We are definitely not condoning sleeping around, but you get the point.  Men were made to have a woman and he will search for any “rib.”  When a man is high, he will look for his Eve anywhere and when he is low, he needs his Eve more than ever.  Many times Deliliah will show up and try to fill this vacuum, but she will only leave a bigger hole in his soul.  Be at everything your man does if possible.  When he is high or low, make sure you are at his side to do your job of celebrating or comforting him.  If you are single or courting, do this with words, laughter and inspiration.  If married, do all of the above and also use your body to do magic.

5. Love & Emotion

“If you love me, why don’t you tell me more?” This is the age old phrase we all say to the men in our lives.  But if he is constantly wanting you and pulling at you to do the DO, then he may be trying to express his undying love if there is a heartfelt commitment to you.  You can see love in their eyes beyond lust.  You know when a man wants to just rock you because his eyes will say very little.  But when it’s love, it will be as if he is giving you more than he is taking in the process.  Sometimes in the marriage bed, you may not have time to look in one-another’s eyes all the time.  It may be a quick one in passing right before waking up the kids for school.  But the majority of the time, true love mixed with lust and desire will consume him when the fire in the heart stays aflame.  Keep the embers hot by being all you were created to be and give it to him.

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