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The Story of Your Dream

Dreams are made of vanilla flavored soda, dark chocolate cupcakes and apple pie with ice cream.

Simple, delicious and easy to understand….Right?  NOPE!’ Right off of the bat, I will tell you that your dreams are as complex and mysterious as you are.  They are like internal secrets that play hide and go seek in the day as well as the night.  Now, just to clarify, we are not talking about the kind of dreams you have when you are asleep where you are flying over the city on the back of a horse, or a nightmare where a monkey is chasing you down the street.  The dreams we speak of occur in your awake hours where you are fully aware of what is going on in your mind and you don’t need an interpretation when you get off of the bed.  

The Beginning

We were born with a dream.  As a matter of fact, whether someone fulfills it or not, the dream still lives.  It was placed in your being before you reached this precious planet. It was breathed by God, given to you, and then you were born into this world.  The dream blueprints were hidden inside of you and the coding and capacity to achieve them came with these prints.  The parents were born to, your environment, and your circumstances all play a role in the dream.  The good influences you have or the lack thereof also make a big difference.  Some of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouth, some with bronze, some with wooden, some with plastic, and some with chop sticks!  The situation you became a part of may not have been ideal, but they are all useful in the story.  They are all part of the story and have tremendous value beyond what we can see as we are in the process.  The one born into an uneasy life also came with the wherewithal to overcome his or her obstacle.  They feel like “hell” for the one passing through them, but it makes the story interesting to the reader.  

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream! If he had not been born with the dream and the enablement to fulfill it, there is a possibility that our connection would all be grossly limited.  Malcom X fought for his dream by any means necessary because he saw it clearly in his minds eye and would not allow his circumstances to hold him back.  With all odds against them, neither one of these men were born with a silver or even a bronze spoon in their mouths, but they shook the world.  Their obstacles built tenacity, strength, power, and force in them which made them even better at what they did.  So, being born seemingly with a disadvantage can actually be good in the long run if one allows the issues to help build them instead of become excuses to not fulfill the dream.  

The Middle

Our biblical Joseph had a dream! His literal dream became his actual dream. He was so excited that he told his brothers and they hated him even more for what he said.  They threw him into a pit and sold him.  Even though Joseph’s dream process began with the years of rejection he withstood from his brothers, the external challenges were now about to begin.  He was sold as a slave, but the dream was still working and he prospered.  He was falsely accused, but the dream was still working as he got thrown into a prison, so he prospered there.  It seemed that the harder things became for him, the closer he drew to his dream fulfillment unbeknownst to him.  And see, he was born with the capacity to overcome and one of his gifts was dream interpretation.  In his darkest hour living in a cold jail cell, this is what broke him out.  In his hurt, Joseph interpreted the dream of the Pharaoh’s butler who was also in jail.  

All of the mess that Joseph went through was part of his story and it was training.  It also helped him learn who he was, what he could do, and how to do it well. This phase can be awkward and lonely, but very necessary to the development of the story.  Everything has a price, and nothing is free.  Not even inanimate objects like dreams.  There is something one must go through in order to reach fulfillment which is why so many dreams die with those who carried them.  The grave yard is full of dead dreams that begged to become reality, but the carrier did not recognize the dream, chose to ignore them, or was unwilling to pass the tests that accompanied the dream.  The truth is that dreams are free but they are not cheap.  But don’t worry, in every good story, there are characters that come along to help get the hero to their destination…..Just like the butler to Joseph.  

The Climax

Two years after the butler got out and was restored to his office, God gave Pharaoh a dream that nobody could interpret.  The butler remembered Joseph and they quickly sent for him.  Joseph’s dream began to speak to the universe and the capacity to fulfill it emerged in the form of his gift to interpret dreams.  He majestically took the opportunity and was made second in command of all the land of Egypt. What?  This is outrageous right?  Somebody went from a prison cell to a palace!! The dream he saw when he was seventeen years old was actualized at about thirty.  Thirteen years he paid for his dream.  

Some of you have been paying the price and training for your dream since birth and now it is time to break open that shell and see what’s inside.  This is the part where everything you went through now makes sense.  Where preparation meets opportunity.  Where gift and character development collides with favor.  This can only be done by stepping out, putting yourself in position, being moved as God speaks to your insides, and just doing it.  This is the part where you are comfortable in your skin, your dream and vision are clear and you throw caution to the wind.  You are in a flow and you magnetize good things.  People begin to recognize something distinct on you and they promote you.  This is also the part where your dream begins to sustain you financially, and brings in more than enough income.  In this part, you are impacting not only yourself but others.  Any good story has people or a person who is impacted by the life of the dreamer.  In Joseph’s case it was an entire region of the world, in your case it may be a household, a business or corporation, a neighborhood, city, state or a nation.  

The End

There is never an end to a dream that lived.  When someone fulfills a dream, it continues to speak and can even be picked up by someone else it impacted.  Real dreams make waves and carry on after we are gone.  They speak to the generations to follow and may even get bigger after we pass on.  Even if you feel like you have fulfilled your dream, there is still more.  As long as there is breath in your body, there is still more to do.  The dream does not rest.  After you fulfill one great portion of your dream, it may swing in an entirely different direction.  Just like you have multiple gifts, there may be multiple dreams that seek to be fulfilled throughout the course of time frames in your life.  One after the other.

Find out which one is speaking loudest to you and go after it like never before. 

It has been waiting for you, so what are you waiting for.  Time to fulfill the story of your dreams!!!

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