War, Laughter & Success!

Brothers and Sisters…if you are going THROUGH something, this is for you!

When you are the verge of something big and THREATENING, the enemy of your soul may try to apprehend it any way he can. When you are FOCUSED, he may try to distract you. When you are OBEDIENT, he may try to confuse you. When you are in hot PURSUIT of your passions, he may try to divert your attention with problems. When you are WORKING diligently, he may try to discourage you with multi-faceted trouble from every direction. He may even use the mouth of those you love to get you off base. He may try to steal weeks, months, and even years from you if he can. But count in all joy, because it means that you are about to enter into a PERPETUAL SEASON of laughter and success if you STAND YOUR GROUND.

See, we must not be IGNORANT of his devices!

He has nothing and is a thief, so the best he can do is steal your joy and slow you down.

But God said he will restore unto you the years that the cankerworm, ragweed, and locust have eaten. Get ready to be restored in every regard. Get ready for God to pour out blessings too great for words. You will TESTIFY! I know it’s on fire, but get your house in order because there is THUNDER in the heavens and a rain of God’s glory that is about to shine in your life like never before. And when God’s light shines, it drowns out any darkness the enemy puts forth. You have the victory already which is why the devil declared war on you! So KEEP GOING…You got it!!!


Take up your WEAPONS of prayer, fasting, consecration, and spirit-led action!

Yes, you are on to something great and you will win your prize, and you will laugh in the midst of the storm literally!! Walk straight through the fire holding God’s mighty hand and when you come out, you won’t smell like smoke! He will give you beauty for the ashes and to top it off, you won’t even look like what you’ve been through! WALK ON WARRIOR!

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